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Rogue Device Detection - Knowledgebase / Products / Industrial HiVision - Hirschmann Support Center

Rogue Device Detection

Rogue Device Detection is available as of IHV v6.0 and can be selected in the preferences dialog.
This discovery mode will detect devices using the selected discovery options but place discovered devices in a separate folder named Rogue Devices.
This feature allows to find devices which do not belong to the monitored network.


Discovery Mode

In the preferences you can select from 3 different discovery modes.
Standard: IHV uses the selected options to discover devices
Monitoring Mode: no automatic scanning but Network Scan, HiDiscovery Scan or add device manually are available
Rogue Device Detection: selected options will be used (at least one option must be selected). Discovered devices will be placed in folder Rogue Devices


Rogue Devices

 Log entries for discovered rogue devices are generated