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Application Note - OWL User Module - CABundle

User Module Description

The user module “CABundle” installs the Certificate Authority package of Root CAs provided by curl[1]. This bundle contains root certificates maintained by Mozilla. These root certificates are necessary to validate secure SSL connections with public servers.

This module enables secure connections for the OWL when it uses the integrated email or curl functionality.

CA Root certificates have a limited validity lifetime. If you plan to deploy the OWL and need to rely on this functionality for many years in a remote location you should plan for an update mechanism when it becomes necessary.



Version 1.0.1-2021-05-31-beta

  • Increases compatibility with more user modules
  • Updated to Certificate data from Mozilla as of Tue May 25 03:12:05 2021 GMT

Version 1.0.0-2020-05-04-beta

  • Initial version