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WLAN Diagnostics

HiLCOS received an advanced diagnostics log for WLAN functionality targeting roaming applications with HiLCOS 10.34 Release Update 3 (RU3).

This post explains how to easily use this functionality to generate graphs like these for diagnosis:

Noise floor over Time

Signal over time

SNR over time

Each of the BAT devices is capable of capturing these and much more data within the device memory. The tables can then be conveniently downloaded from the devices as CSV files.

The attached Microsoft Excel template file then takes care of importing them and displaying the most common charts out of the box. The Excel template includes some example data already. Extended example data is available in the other attachments.

Please activate the logging on each device (Access Points as well as Clients):

Activate the Diagnostics log

Afterward you can verify that the device is recording the log:

Verify the log is recording

Afterward download the logs from each device:

Log download as CSV

Place all the downloaded CSV files into a folder called "csv" next to the Excel template and follow the instructions inside the Excel file "General" tab to load all the data.