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Firmware versions withdrawn - Neuigkeiten / Switches and Router - Belden Support Center

Jul 28 2023

Firmware versions withdrawn


While updating from VxWorks to LINUX version, device may not be able to boot again.


There was an sporadic issue found in HiOS when a device is updated from VxWorks (version < 09.1.00) to

LINUX (version >= 09.1.00):

  • During the first boot after the update the device stops with message:
     “linux-user-bde: no device“.
     After a certain time, the device reboots using the backup image and in default

R&D already found out that this issue is caused by hardware variance within the specification.

Thus, this is not a hardware issue. It is an issue which will be fixed in software within the

hardware driver.

Affected devices:

  • GRS1040
  • MSP40 (under investigation)
  • OS3 (under investigation)


  • Firmware versions 09.1.00, 09.2.00 and 09.2.01 for the affected devices have been completely removed from Customer Portal and Belden
     WEB page. We strongly recommend staying with versions prior to 09.1.00.
  • R&D is currently analyzing the issue and is in contact with the Chip vendor.
  • R&D will provide a fix of this issue asap.