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OpEdge-8D v01.0.03 released - Neuigkeiten / Edge - Belden Support Center

Nov 8 2023

OpEdge-8D v01.0.03 released


No new feature added.

Known Issues:

1. USB Storage status remains Green and shows fixed value on overview page despite USB is not connected.

Workaround: USB as a storage media is not supported on OpEdge-8D release 01.0.03.

2. DHCP server may become unresponsive temporarily when DHCP Discover packet with protocol anomaly is received.

Workaround: DHCP Server function recovers after a few minutes (depending uponDHCP lease time) once protocol anomaly is removed. For faster recovery please reboot the OpEdge-8D device.

3. Device loses GUI access and configuration settings if DHCP server is enabled on theLAN which is not yet created.

Workaround: User first need to add the LAN and hit the apply button and then add the DHCP server and apply the same.z

4. LAN bridge doesn't pick the lowest MAC address of a physical interface.

5. On rare occasions, user may see Import Configuration failure messages on Local UI however, configuration is applied and device reboots successfully.

Workaround: None