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Provize Suite 01.6.00 was released! - Neuigkeiten / Software Products - Belden Support Center

Dec 15 2023

Provize Suite 01.6.00 was released!


A new release of Belden Provize Suite is available - version 01.6.00 was released and is now available for download.

Release Notes:

Issues fixed

  • You can find the problems, workarounds and fixes related to this release in the issue list.

Version 01.6.00

New features in Provize® Suite

You can find the following new features in this version.

  • Explorer - Accept all certificates. The Accept all certificates button lets you accept every self-signed certificate used in an encrypted HTTPs connection.

  • Suite - Provize® Suite offline. You can use Provize® Suite offline. However, some features are not available when you use Provize® Suite offline.

  • Planner - CLI template tab (optional). The CLI template tab contains 2 additional tabs. The Template tab and the Template stack tab. The
    Template tab lets you set up CLI templates to upload to your network devices. The Template stack tab lets you combine the CLI templates into a stack..

  • Suite - Provize® Suite language updates. Provize® Suite offers language updates for the German language following the initial release.

  • Explorer - Clear table button. The clear table button removes every discovered device in the discovered devices table.

  • Planner - Extended Bill of Material (BoM) specifications. Two new columns were added to the BoM file: the Position column and the CLI Template stack column. The Position column lets the user refer to a line in the BoM file when communicating information. The CLI Template stack column identifies which templates are uploaded on the device.