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Can I change the license level of my device to a lower level? - Knowledgebase / Products / Classic Switches - Belden Support Center

Can I change the license level of my device to a lower level?

On the classicSwitch platform, the license level of the firmware can be changed by loading the corresponding firmware image and restarting the device afterwards. E.g. loading a L2P image on an MACH104 currently running L3P leads to having only the feature set of L2P available. The hardware remains unchanged and is still able to do L3P related operations after restoring the L3P image.

For HiOS devices it's a bit different:
You can set the license level of your HiOS device using the following commands from the CLI interface in enabled and configuration mode:

  1. (Config)#license level x
  2. (Config)#save
  3. (Config)#reboot

x stands for the license level as displayed in HiOS, possible values: 2S; 2A; 3S; 3A (press "?" before entering a value, to see all options possible for your specific device)
After setting the level, saving the configuration is reqired as this is a parameter in the configuration file. After saving, the device needs to be rebooted to load the operating system in the selected license level. Clearing the configuration will remove the parameter from the configuraiton, forcing the device to load the license level as defined as by the device's order code on the next reboot!


  • The level cannot be set to a value higher than defind in the order code of the device
  • Changes to the license level configuration parameter on HiOS are always only applied after a reboot. We recommend to reboot the device immediately after changing and saving the configuration, to avoid configuring features which are not available after rebooting the device with a different software level.
  • Restrictions apply to RSP devices, where you need an extra image to switch between 2S and 2A/3S.