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Cannot update my BRS device to versions higher 09.1.x - Knowledgebase / Products / HiOS - Belden Support Center

Cannot update my BRS device to versions higher 09.1.x

Note: Applies to BRS devices running HiOS 09.1.x trying to update to higher versions.

If you have problems updating BRS to versions higher than 09.1.x, please refer to the log file of the device for more information.

If you see the following log message:

[BSP Update 0x000100e3] Image not accepted: Device trust root tampered. Image upgrade stopped.

You can correct this with the following steps.

!*(BRS)#serviceshell start

WARNING! The service shell offers advanced diagnostics and functions.

Proceed only when instructed by a service technician.

You can return to the previous mode using the 'exit' command.

BusyBox v1.36.0 (2023-08-07 18:36:16 CEST) built-in shell (ash)

Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

/mnt/fastpath # cd /

/ # cd /flash/safe/

/flash/safe # ls

avs_status_file_primary https_pem_cert ssh_host_rsa_key

certificates mail syslog

default.xml oemid

fwcerts ssh_host_key

/flash/safe # rm -r fwcerts/

/flash/safe # ls

avs_status_file_primary https_pem_cert ssh_host_key

certificates mail ssh_host_rsa_key

default.xml oemid syslog

/flash/safe #

Then exit the serviceshell with exit and restart the device. After the restart, you will find the following log entry:

Info Jan 1 00:00:16 [SIG_FW Cnfgr_Thread_ 0x00790009] Signed firmware infrastructure successfully installed.

After the device rebooted, you can try to update it again.