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Firmware Update via SFTP - Knowledgebase / Products / Classic Firewalls - Belden Support Center

Firmware Update via SFTP


This how describes the firmware update on EAGLE20 via SFTP

-ssh access enabled on EAGLE
Tools needed:
-WinSCP -can be downloaded from

WinSCP Login

Start WinSCP and connect to the EAGLE20 with the following session details:
1. select file protocol SFTP
2. enter the IP address or host name of the EAGLE20
3. login with admin and password. If you leave it blank you will be prompted if you press Login.
4. establish the session by pressing 'Login'

Drag & Drop the firmware file

Navigate to /upload/firmware in the right window (remote site)
Drag & drop the firmware file eagleSDV.bin in the right window

Upload Progress

A pop-up window shows the progress of the copy operation

Firmware Updating

Once the file is uploaded completely the EAGLE starts updating the firmware.
If you refresh the directory listing you can see the file 'updating' as long as the update process is in progress.

Update completed

The file 'ok' in the directory listing indicates that the update has completed successfully.
The process takes approx. 30s to complete.

If the update fails you will see the file 'error' instead. You can see the complete error message if you open the file in a text editor.


Reboot the EAGLE20 to activate the new firmware