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How to reset the configuration using system monitor 1 - Knowledgebase / Products / Classic Switches - Belden Support Center

How to reset the configuration using system monitor 1


This how to describes how the configuration on platform devices (RS20/30/40, RSR20/30, MS20/30, PowerMICE, MACH100/1000/4000, Octopus and EAGLE20) could be reset to factory defaults via System Monitor 1.
Please note that this is necessary only if the configuration file is corrupted e.g. by loss of power during config save or firmware update. A corrupted configuration file could cause and endless reboot of the device.


Connect your PC to the device via serial connection (V.24) and open any terminal application like Hyper Terminal, Tera Term or similar.

Reboot the device and enter System Monitor 1

  1. Reboot the device by interrupting power or using the "reboot" command in CLI.
  2. Follow the serial output and press "1" as soon as the message "Press <1> to enter System Monitor 1 ........" is shown.

System Monitor - Main Menu

Select option 5 - Erase main configuration file


  1. Press "RETURN" to delete the file.
  2. Press any key to return to System Monitor - Main Menu
  3. Select option 4 - End (reset and reboot)

The device will reboot and come up in factory default configuration.