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How to send a bug report to Hirschmann - Knowledgebase / Products / Industrial HiVision - Belden Support Center

How to send a bug report to Hirschmann

If you have problems with Industrial HiVision, we always need the following information, the logfiles and - if possible - the project:


  • Ind. HiVision:
    • Version
    • Patches
    • Is this version the first version you used on this computer or was it an update? From which version?
  • System
    • Operating System
    • Physical memory
    • Do you use more than one network adapter?
  • Network
    • How many nodes do you have?
      • Ping devices
      • Hirschmann switches
      • Other divices
  • Actions leading to the problem
    • User action
    • Occured without user action
      • During Update
      • Traps
      • Polling


The Lofgiles are located in <Install-Dir>\log\services. We need the whole directory (all files) in one Zip-file.

If the Java VM crashes, additional Logfiles will be created in <Install-Dir>\services. Here we need all the *.log files in a Zip-file.

If the files are too big (gigabytes), we need only the first megabyte of each file.

Project or Database

 In some cases it can be helpful if we have also your project:

  • If you have an IHP-File of your project, we need it
  • Otherwise the database-directory in one Zip-file: <Install-Dir>\database

If the database cannot be loaded, we can try to repair it:

  • we need the IHP-File or database-directory (see above)
  • If  HiFusion generated PSMs are used (Ind. HiVision 05.0.00 or newer)
    • we also need them
    • and the psmlist.txt