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IHV Audit Trail - Windows

As of v6.0 IHV logs events to the Windows event log.
The events include:

Log in and out of Industrial HiVision
Any action which results in an SNMP Set Request being sent to a device, including the MIB variable that was set, and the new value
Any actions from HiDiscovery within Industrial HiVision
Start of external applications
All actions for which the "Edit Mode" is needed
Cannot be disabled

This lesson describes how to create a custom view for IHV 6.0 events in the windows event viewer

Event Viewer

Hit the Windows-Key and type event viewer

Create Custom View

Filter by source for Industrial HiVision 06.0.00 and click ok

Save Filter to Custom View

Specify a name and save the created filter as custom view

Event Viewer - Custom View

The custom view is now available and displays IHV6.0 events only.