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Industrial Hivision Scheduler - Save Device Configurations - Knowledgebase / Products / Industrial HiVision - Belden Support Center

Industrial Hivision Scheduler - Save Device Configurations

This guide is designed to walk through the steps to configure Hirschmann Industrial HiVision to enable the scheduled remote backup of Configurations of the Hirschmann devices in a project.

1. Once Hivision is running go to the Device tab and highlight the devices that need the configurations saved, right click on one of the highlighted devices and select Save Device Configuration.

2. Browse to the location the configurations need to be saved to, set the start time (making sure to leave enough time to finish the schedule before it starts), and frequency the configurations need to be saved. Then make sure all of the other settings are selected properly and click OK.

3. To verify it has been scheduled click on Configuration in the taskbar and select Scheduler, the task tab will show the devices and the task to be performed

4. The schedules tab will show the schedule to perform the tasks.

5. To verify the tasks have been completed click on the results tab.

6. Finally verify the configurations have been saved to the correct location.