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OoB issue found in HiOS 09.4.01 for GRS1040 - Knowledgebase / Products / HiOS - Belden Support Center

OoB issue found in HiOS 09.4.01 for GRS1040


If a GRS1040 is used in an L3 environment it will not send out packets to destination subnet where the out-of-band (OOB) interface is member of.

The GRS was configured correctly with a default route pointing to the next interface of router R1. Default IP address is configured for the OOB interface ( and no changes were made for this interface.

Even if no cable is connected to the OOB port the GRS uses the IP address of the OOB interface for routing decisions and will therefore not send out packets for this subnet towards the default gateway. Therefore, the IHV management station does not get packets from the DUT and the DUT will be unreachable.

This is a kind of normal behavior for a router, but it was different for HiOS versions < 09.1.00 based on VxWorks.


Please configure the OBB interface to an IP address where the subnet is not used in the network at all. Please do this configuration prior to an update to 09.4.01 from a version < 09.1.00.


·         R&D will provide a change in an upcoming version.