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Security Status Screen and Security Lock Down

Security Status Screen and Security Lock Down

This lesson explains the Security Status Screen and the Security Lockdown feature.
Both is available in Industrial HiVision as of v06.0.

Security Status Screen

The new tab Security Status offers a device overview from a security point of view.
All enabled unsecure protocols detected will be marked with an exclamation mark.
If the protocol is supported but disabled then a padlock is displayed - status secure.
Protocols not supported by the device is shown with a '-' and if protocols are not monitored a blank page is shown.

Configure Monitoring

You can configure which protocols should be monitored.
The radio button allows you to switch between Display and Configuration.
If Configure Monitoring is selected you can selectively enable or disable monitoring of a certain protocol per device or use the Activate/Deactivate all buttons.

Security Lock Down

The Security Lockdown is available in MultiConfig.
1. Highlight the relevant devices
2. Select MultiConfig from the context menu or press Ctrl+M

Security Lock Down 2

With the Security Lock down dialog you can disable unsecure protocols on multiple devices at the push of a button.evices at the push of a button.