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What information must be provided for troubleshooting OWL? - Knowledgebase / Products / OWL - Belden Support Center

What information must be provided for troubleshooting OWL?

We expect that you are aware of that 80 % of all issues are caused by cables and connectors and that you have assured yourself that your issue is not caused by cables and/or connectors.
We also expect that you are aware that of the remaining issues a lot are caused by configuration errors.

To start troubleshooting of OWL Hirschmann needs at least following information:
  1. A description of your situation with
    1. network plan/description with product names, IP settings etc.
    2. description what you expected and what you recognized, i.e. the deviation from the "normal" situation.
    3. did the application run ever properly? Since when do you recognize the issue? Was something changed at that time? If yes, what?
    4. information if you can reproduce the issue and how to
    5. information if the issue occurs periodically or sporadically and how often (usually)
    6. ... whatever information you think might also be useful (better more than less)
  2. download the Report using GUI menu "Status - System Log" by pressing the "Report" button and attach the file to the ticket.
    The Report contains status information, configuration and log.
    Log entries are lost by rebooting the device. Therefore it might be useful to install a syslog server and send event messages to this syslog server. And yes, wo would like to have a look at the information collected by the syslog server.
  3. Information if you changed files and what you changed.
  4. if you use scripts a description of what you expect the script(s) shall do.