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HiOS 08.7.03 withdrawn - News / Switches and Router - Belden Support Center

Nov 17 2021

HiOS 08.7.03 withdrawn

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Due to a blocking issue found in 08.7.03, this version has been withdrawn and removed from the download library.

As soon as an SFP is unplugged or plugged on a device running in firmware release 08.7.03, the management might get inaccessible.
CLI sessions will freeze. Using WEB interface or SNMP is no longer possible.
In our tests packets were still forwarded and RSTP was still working.
In some cases, management access will not be lost at all, in other cases it will get back after a few
minutes and sometimes only a reboot of the device can resolve the situation.

Affected devices:
All HiOS devices are potentially affected. On some device variants the issue is reproducible easily, on
other variants we were not able to reproduce it.

If a customer already updated the devices to 08.7.03 and is not able to revert to a previous version, we
recommend to reboot a device as soon as an SFP is plugged or unplugged.
If any possible please do not use 08.7.03 and instead update devices to 08.7.04 as soon as it is
available or downgrade them to a previous version.

HiOS 08.7.04 will be released in the next days.

HiOS 08.7.04 is released in the meantime: