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HiSecOS v04.2.01 released - News / Firewalls - Belden Support Center

Dec 13 2021

HiSecOS v04.2.01 released

Authors list

Software Release 04.2.01
New feature support:
 - IDS support with Sensor Lite implementation in EAGLE 40

Security Fix:
 - NTP Upgrade to 4.2.8p15
 - u-boot vulnerability fixed: CVE-2019-13103 - Crafted self-referential DOS partition table will cause u-boot to crash or overwrite data
 - Open SSL vulnerabilities fixed: CVE-2021-3712, CVE-2021-3711

Open points and decisions:
 - FDB: After adding static mac address to interface-1, same mac is getting learned to other interface-2 while traffic is send with same mac as source mac on interface-2
 - Eagle web become unresponsive, once web remain open for more than a day
 - After creating around 1000 L2 filter rule via CLI, web of L2 filter rule gives error to contact to manufacturer
 - Devices attached via VLAN router interfaces are not reachable via VPN.