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Industrial HiVision 08.2.01 released - News / Software Products - Belden Support Center

May 20 2022

Industrial HiVision 08.2.01 released

Authors list

Issues fixed

  • You can find the problems, workarounds, fixes and java vulnerabilities corrected in the issue list.

Additions to the manual in version 08.2.01


  • The name of the "HiProvision" function was replaced by "TXCare". The "TXCare" function lets you monitor the Dragon PTN devices, tunnels, and services running in the tunnels.

Removal of the log4j dependency

  • The log4j dependency was removed from Industrial HiVision. 

Note: Due to the removal of the log4j dependency, the structure of the event log has changed. You can find the actual reason for the event located after the sentence: "The following information was included with the event:"


  • The GECKOs 8TX and 8TX/2SFP devices are now supported.

Select the Save Location in Save Project file when Edit Mode switches

  • This function lets you select the save location of the Industrial HiVision project file in Save Project file when Edit Mode switches. To use this function, it is necessary for the save location to be available when the Industrial HiVision project file is saved. Also, Industrial HiVision must have write permission rights. The Default save location is automatically set by Industrial HiVision during the installation process.

A maximum number of entries for SNMP tables can be configured

  • The parameter "Max. Size of SNMP Tables" can be configured in the preferences dialog "Advanced> Service Parameters" under the section "Device Availability". A service restart is required after changing this parameter.

In regards to security in version 08.2.00

In Industrial HiVision, the TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 protocols are enabled by default.
 For more information see the Deskpro FAQ article under the following URL: 

Additions to the manual in version 08.2.00

Integration of PDF files in the GUI

  • You can open custom PDF files from the "Help" menu. To use this function it is necessary to manually create a new directory with the name "additional_help", inside the <install dir>/var folder and copy the PDF files to it. If the folder "additional_help" contains PDF documents, then Industrial HiVision creates and displays dedicated menu items with the name of the PDF files under the "Help" menu. You can add the following types of files, which Industrial HiVision displays under the "Help" menu: 
    • Files that contain a language abbreviation in their name, for example "de_hello.pdf". If the language set in Industrial HiVision match the start of the file name, then Industrial HiVision displays this type of file.
    • Files that do not contain a language in their name, for example "hello.pdf". Industrial HiVision always displays this type of files in the under the "Help" menu.

OPC UA unencrypted communications

Since Industrial HiVision release 08.1.04, OPC UA communications are encrypted by default. To use unencrypted communications between the OPC UA client and server, perform the following steps:

Note: When using the OPC UA protocols, we recommend that you only use encrypted communications. 

  • Open the file.
     You can find the file in the <Install dir>\lib\opcua\config directory.
  • Enter the following line to the bottom of the file:
  • Save and close the file.
  • Restart the HiVisionMasterService8.2 service.

New features in version 08.2.00

  • New features: 
    • Export data to InfluxDB® to be displayed in Grafana®
       InfluxDB® is an open source database optimized for fast, high-performance storage, and retrieval of data. From this database Grafana® retrieves the data exported from Industrial HiVision. Grafana® is a multi-platform open source web application used for analytics and interactive visualization of data. When connected to supported data sources, Grafana® provides charts, graphs, and alerts.
    • Polling Ramp up
       This parameter allows you to specify the rate of polling operations started per second. This rate represents the number of new operations that are added to the polling engine per second, until all requested variables are being polled.
    • Save project when Edit mode changes
       This function lets you save the Industrial HiVision project file and select the moment Industrial HiVision automatically saves the project file.
    • Redundant LDAP Servers
       Industrial HiVision lets you specify more than one "LDAP Server".
    • Configure polling of device properties
       This function lets you easily modify the default settings for polling and status configuration for a set of device properties.
    • Integration of PDF files in the GUI
       This function lets you open PDF files directly from the "Help" menu.
    • Disable Event Actions on loading a project file
       The Event Actions are by default enabled when starting a new project. The Event Actions are by default disabled when you open an existing project or you load the backup of an existing project. You also have the option to manually enable or disable the Event Actions. When enabled, Industrial HiVision completes the actions defined in the "Actions" table.
    • Property "Power State" added to port of HiOS devices
       This property displays the power state for a physical interface (port) of a HiOS device.
  • New devices: 
    • Eagle 40
    • Hi-SCOM IP66
    • Octopus 8TX managed
    • HiOS BRS Highport
    • Hirschmann IT family
  • MultiConfig™ dialogs added: 
    • Basic Settings - Syslog (HiSCOM device)
    • Basic Settings - Restart (HiSCOM device)
    • Basic Settings - Software (HiSCOM device)
    • Time - Daylight Saving Time (HiSCOM device)
    • Time - NTP (HiSCOM device)
    • Device Security - User (HiSCOM device)
    • Device Security - SSH (HiSCOM device)
    • Device Security - HTTPS (HiSCOM device)
    • Device Security - SNMP (HiSCOM device)
    • Device Security - TACACS+ - Global (HiSCOM device)
    • Device Security - TACACS+ - Table(HiSCOM device)
    • Switching - IGMP Snooping (HiSCOM device)
    • Switching - MLD Snooping (HiSCOM device)
    • Redundancy - Rapid Spanning Tree (HiSCOM device)
    • Diagnostics - Loop Protection (HiSCOM device)
    • Basic Settings - Out-of-Band over USB (HiOS)
    • Time - 802.1AS (HiOS)
    • Redundancy - Sub Ring - Global (HiOS)
    • Redundancy - Sub Ring - Table (HiOS)
    • Advanced - Industrial-Protocols - OPC UA Server (HiOS)
  • MultiConfig™ dialogs modified: 
    • Redundancy - MRP-Ring (HiOS, Classic Software)
    • Redundancy - Device Level Ring (HiOS)
    • Redundancy - HIPER-Ring (Classic Software)