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Industrial HiVision 08.3.00 released - News / Software Products - Belden Support Center

Dec 13 2022

Industrial HiVision 08.3.00 released

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New features in version 08.3.00

  • New Features 
    • Event list warning message:
       When a device status improves from "Error" to "Warning", the "Type" column in the event list displays the "Warning" symbol.
    • SNMPv3 Traps:
       Industrial HiVision can now receive SNMPv3 traps. In the Preferences> Device Credentials dialog, you can configure the receive credentials.
    • Scheduler:
       The "Scheduler" can now delete previously saved configuration files. You can configure this in the Preferences> Scheduler dialog.
    • Link backup:
       The "Map" tab displays redundant connections, link backup connections are now supported.
    • Load via PC with name:
       The profile is saved on the device with the new name, and is made the active running configuration.
  • New Devices 
    • BRS 4TX
    • BXS30/32/40/42
    • GRS102/103/104/106
    • GRS116
    • LioN-X
    • MTS2648
    • MTS2848TF-4X-E
    • RDD20
  • MultiConfig™ dialogs added: 
    • Redundancy - Link Backup (HiOS)
    • Redundancy - FuseNet - Ring/Network Coupling (HiOS, Classic Software)
    • Diagnostics - Loop Protection - Global (HiOS)
    • Diagnostics - Loop Protection - Table (HiOS)
  • MultiConfig™ dialogs modified: 
    • Device Security - Management Access - Server - SNMP (HiOS)
    • Redundancy - Fast HIPER Ring (Classic Software)
    • Redundancy - HSR (HiOS)

Additions to the manual in version 08.3.00

  • Free-of-charge 16 nodes license: This license cannot be leased to a sub-domain.
  • For paid licenses, if the communications are interrupted, the sub-domain maintains the validity of the lease for up to 48 hours.
  • The VLAN Consistency Check column in the Ports dialog displays an error when the PVID is not contained in the VLAN Egress Rules. Private VLANs delete the VLAN Egress Rules and therefore the PVID cannot be found which causes an error.

In regards to security in version 08.3.00

  • TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 protocols
  • Removal of the log4j dependency 
    • The log4j dependency was removed from Industrial HiVision. 

Note: Due to the removal of the log4j dependency, the structure of the event log has changed. You can find the actual reason for the event located after the sentence: "The following information was included with the event:"

  • MultiConfig™> Basic Settings> Load/Save> Load via PC with name for HiOS, and HiSecOS 
    • The dialog is available for HiOS, and HiSecOS devices, except for the RSP devices with HiOS software before 8.2.
    • For the RSP devices with HiOS after 8.2, when you load a new profile on the device it will be unreachable. The device remains unreachable for up to 10 seconds.
    • This action is described in the HiOS manual. See chapter, Graphical User Interface - 1. Basic Settings 1.4. Load/Save - Table - Import which states, "The device saves the configuration profile in the volatile memory (RAM) of the device. The new profile replaces the running configuration. The device uses the settings of the imported configuration profile immediately. The device terminates the connection to the Graphical User Interface. Reload the Graphical User Interface. Log in again."