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Industrial HiVision v07.1.02 released - News / Software Products - Belden Support Center

Jun 11 2018

Industrial HiVision v07.1.02 released

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Fixes in version 07.1.02

  • Port In/Out Load:
    If the calculated load value was below 0%, 0% was shown. If it was above 100%, 100% was shown. Now these values are skipped.
    This could happen if the device returned the wrong value from the port counters.
  • Some Event Actions were no longer working. Fixed.
  • MultiConfig™ on interfaces was not available. For HiOS devices, it is possible now to configure RSTP and VLAN on HSR interfaces.
  • The PoE tab contained devices that did not support PoE. Fixed.
  • When attempting to schedule a task, using the Scheduler function, the "New Task" dialog did not display the PoE ports. Fixed.
  • After configuring the "Event Action" function with a $COMPONENT variable the message box displayed a GUI session IDs for empty components. Fixed.