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BRS Recovery Mode HiOS as of v08.0.01

Bobcat devices are equipped with a USB-C interface.

The USB-C interface is used for serial console, bulk device as well as ACA.

During boot up the serial interface is not available yet that's why you can't enter sysMon1 like on other HiOS devices.

To enter sysMon1 you need to switch the device into recovery mode.


-Autoconfiguration Adapter ACA22-USB-C

-optional USB-C to USB-A adapter

-Terminal cable

-Terminal application (e.g. putty)

Create text file on ACA

Create an empty text file named recovery.txt on the ACA.

Plug ACA and Reboot

Plug the ACA with the recovery.txt file into an BRS

Switch on the BRS. If the BRS is already on, reboot it.

Observe the LED signaling

Follow the boot process and observe the LEDs.

A flashing Status LED signals that the device successfully bootet in SysMon1.

Remove the ACA and plug in the serial cable.

Open a terminal application e.g. putty and select the appropriate COM port.

System Monitor 1 Options