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Encryption in Industrial HiVision

  1. Data in Transit
    • Within Industrial HiVision:
      • GUI – Kernel: Corba over SSL (encrypted)
      • Kernel – Kernel: Corba over SSL (encrypted)
    • Industrial HiVision – Devices (dependent on the device / the configuration of the device):
      • Unencrypted:
        • SNMP V1, HTTP, Telnet, HiDiscoveryV1, HiDiscoveryV2, EtherNet/IP
      • Encrypted:
        • SNMP V3, HTTPS, SSH
  2. Data at Rest
    • Most data is stored unencrypted in the Industrial HiVision database
      • All passwords and community strings (SNMP V1) are encrypted in the database
    • Some data is stored unencrypted in files, for example the IP address of the server to which the GUI is connected
    • Industrial HiVision User Management: stored in an unencrypted file, passwords saved as a hash
  3. Authentication and Management of Security Services
    • User Management in Industrial HiVision: configurable:
      • None
      • LDAP (secure or unsecure)
      • RADIUS (unsecure)
      • Local (Industrial HiVision User Management)
    • Password to protect Edit Mode (optional and configurable)
  4. Protocol Security
    • SNMP V3: depending on the settings: MD5, SHA / DES, AES128
    • All passwords and community strings in the database: DES