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How to add an Industrial HiVision license - Kennisbank / Products / Industrial HiVision - Belden Support Center

How to add an Industrial HiVision license

This howto describes the procedure to add a license in Industrial HiVision (IHV).
Prerequisites: Installed Industrial HiVision, eMail with IHV license code


Open IHV Preferences 

Start Industrial HiVision and open the 'Prefences' dialog (Configuration - Preferences)


eMail including License Key 

Copy the license code from the received eMail.


License Dialog - New Entry 

  1. Click 'New' to add an entry
  2. Paste the license key from the received license eMail
  3. Close the pop-up window with 'Ok'


License Dialog - check for valid license 

Valid licenses are shown without background color, red entries are expired.
Below you can see the total number and remaining licenses.


Event log message 

After closing the preferences dialog you can see an event log with the new number of licenses.