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OpEdge-8D v01.0.04 released - Nieuws / Edge - Belden Support Center

Apr 26 2024

OpEdge-8D v01.0.04 released

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New Features:

  • Enhanced connectivity has been introduced to link the Gateway with the Belden Horizon On-Premises server. The following functionalities are now available:

    1. Activation and management of the Gateway.

    2. Support for SRA and PDN tunnels.

    3. Deployment of container applications.

  • Shell and download image options restricted on certain applications from local UI.


  1. In case of firmware upgrade from 1.0.0 to this or greater versions, existing containers would be lost.
    Workaround: For containers, users should save and export the images to their local desktop before firmware upgrade by below steps -
    Navigate to "Containers" tab under "Applications" → Click on the Ellipses(three dots) next to container → Click on Save → Enter new image name and tag → Navigate to "Images" tab → click on the ellipses(three dots) next to saved image → Click "Download" to save the image to local desktop OR Click "Push to Registry" to export the image to private repository.

  2. Firmware downgrade from this version to 1.0.0 will no longer be possible.

Bug Fixes & Changes:

  • SRA and PDN tunnel connectivity fix over WAN interface.

Known Issues:

OpEdge-8D 01.0.04:

  • Local UI gone blank for approx. 30 -60 seconds after applying BH On-Prem configuration.
    Workaround: User needs to wait for 30-60 seconds after applying BH On-Prem configuration.

  • Not able to generate Activation key after Factory Reset.
    Workaround: User need to reboot the device once after Factory reset.

  • Static 1:1 NAT translation from client to end device and vice-versa is working from secondary interface WAN IP when switchover happens from secondary interface to primary interface and Static NAT is disabled.
    Workaround: User need to reboot the device.

  • In rare occasions, Gateway lost connection with BH On-Prem after firmware upgrade/downgrade.
    Workaround: User need to reboot the device.