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How to use the Support Portal - Base de Conhecimento / Support Portal - Belden Support Center

How to use the Support Portal

Customer Support Portal

Go to

1. Click on Login

2. Register an account

3. Note: If you had already an account for our previous helpdesk system use the password reminder function to set a password.

Follow the instructions received via eMail and login with your credentials.

User Registration

To register for an account fill in all mandatory fields and remember the password.

Forgot Password

If you have already an account you can use the password reminder function to reset your password.

Portal Home

1. Your Account - edit your profile settings

2. Your Tickets - Overview of your open and resolved tickets

3. Search bar - fulltext search for tickets and knowledgebase

4. Navigation Buttons to directly switch between Knowledgebase, News, Downloads or My Tickets

5. Preview of Knowledgebase and News - shows recent added articles and news posts


Use the search bar in the portal home to search for tickets, knowledgebase articles, news and files

Knowledgebase Articles

Search or browse the knowledgebase for frequently asked questions, howtos etc.


1. Navigation is possible by clicking the breadcrumbs.

2. You can subscribe to category folders and articles to get notified about new content or article updates, share the article via eMail or download as PDF.

Download Library

Browse the download library for firmware versions and tools.

Submit Ticket

To create a ticket click on the 'Contact Us' button on the portal home or go to 'My Tickets' and click 'Submit Ticket'

Submit Ticket Form

Fill in the ticket form as detailed as possible.

Related knowledgebase articles are shown based on matching keywords given in the subject field.

Attach supporting documents like switch dumps, network drawings, logfiles, etc.

The size limit for attachements is 85 MByte per file.

Ticket Overview

If you click on the "Tickets" button in the portal home page to get an overview page of all your open and resolved tickets.

Click on the subject of a ticket in the list to open the ticket details.

Ticket Detail View

The ticket detail view gives you all ticket comments in a chronologic order.

At any time you can leave a comment, upload additional supporting files or close the ticket.