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HiView 04.2.00 released - News / Software Products - Belden Support Center

Dec 3 2021

HiView 04.2.00 released

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New features in version 04.2.00


  • The handling of the Applet (java code) signing certificate has been changed. The user is requested to verify that the fingerprint of the certificate on the device matches the fingerprint of the same device obtained in a controlled environment.
  • The network interface field drop-down menu has a new item. When more than one interface is available, the "Every Network Interface" item lets you select the interfaces that are available on your pc.        
  • The Java run time was updated from java version 8 to java version 11.   

Fixed in 04.2.00    

  • You can find the problems, workarounds and fixes related to this release in the issue list.