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Industrial HiVision 08.0.00 was released - News / Software Products - Belden Support Center

Dec 20 2018

Industrial HiVision 08.0.00 was released

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Security Vulnerability Corrected in version 08.0.00

Regarding the Java vulnerability CVE-2018-2942, for Java SE: 7u181, 8u172; in the Windows DLL subcomponent: A remote user can exploit a flaw in the Java SE Windows DLL subcomponent to gain elevated privileges. The vulnerability has been corrected in this release.

Issues fixed in version 08.0.00

  • You can find the problems, workarounds and fixes related to this release in the issue list.

Changes in version 08.0.00

  • The ActiveX software for SCADA applications is no longer offered as a part of the Industrial HiVision software starting with version 08.0.00.

New features in version 08.0.00

  • New features:
    • Advanced EtherNet/IP Support (for Ping devices, PCs and unknown switches)
      Values are requested via EtherNet/IP and displayed as properties in the EtherNet/IP container in the device node.
    • Duplicate manually created or scanned device
      The "Paste as new Network" function is useful for identical networks, where the devices and connections are the same, but the IP addresses are different.
    • Scheduler for saving the IHP file (Project Database)
      Using the Scheduler you can now schedule a backup of the database.
    • Firmware Agent extension
      The Device Agent in the menu tree contains a new folder named "Other Firmware Info". This folder can also be found in the Map and List tabs, and contains the following information: "Back up Firmware", "Boot Code Firmware" and "Stored Firmware".
    • SFP Columns in the Port and Connection Tabs
      New columns were added to the Ports and Connection tabs to display the SFP power.
    • Configurable Services Access ports
      Users can now specify a different value that Industrial HiVision uses to connect to the "Project data server" and "OPC Server" ports. Unmark the new "Use Default Values" checkbox to specify new values. The "Service Access" dialog allows you to change the udp/tcp ports used for various services.
    • Dashboard Re-ordering
      When you have more than one slide, the dashboard lets you change the order of the slides.
    • Start and Stop a network scan using the Scan button
      The Scan Network button now has a toggle function. If you started a scan on a large network and you want to stop the scan, then click the Scan Network button again.
    • Discontinuation of ActiveX support
      As of this version the ActiveX function is no longer supported.
    • 32 Bit Operating System
      As of this version the 32 Bit Operating System is no longer supported.
    • Support for Window Server 2016
      Starting with this version and until further notice Industrial HiVision can be installed on Window Servers with a 2016 operation system.
    • User management LDAP over SSL / TLS
      Industrial HiVision allows you to select between a secure or unsecure connection when logging into a Industrial HiVision client were the authorization is completed using an LDAP server.
    • Icon for Management Station
      The icon of the device representing the Management Station in the Map tab now changes according to its status. The system displays two different icons depending whether it is a local kernel or a remote kernel.
    • HiOS 7.0 Start of Webif with credentials
      When launching the web interface of an HiOS 7+ device from Industrial HiVision, stored credentials will be used to perform an auto-login, so that the user does not have to login manually.
    • Zoom Support for Mouse Wheel
      Zoom support for mouse wheel has been implemented. Users can now use CTRL + scroll mouse wheel to change the zoom factor in Map tab or zoom panel.
    • Add Web/CLI/GUI to Context Menu in Properties Tab
      Users can now open the graphical user interface of a selected device directly in the "Properties" tab. The context menu contains three new options: "Web Interface", "Device Configuration" and "CLI".
    • Notification: Certificate for Push Notification expires in ...
      The "Event History" dialog now displays an event to inform users when a higher version of Industrial HiVision is available. The new system-generated event is displayed every Monday, starting 365 days after the release of the installed version.
    • Start Executable with Arguments
      Users can now run an executable with arguments through an event action. The "New Action Entry" dialog has been enhanced with a new "Parameters" text field and a new drop-down list.
    • Forward all events to the syslog server
      The event forwarding functionality has been enhanced to help users perform event forwarding to a Syslog server for multiple devices at once.
  • New devices:
    • Dragon MACH 4000 and 4500
    • Bobcat Rail Switch (BRS)
    • BAT-C2
    • IS30
  • MultiConfig™ dialogs added:
    • Device Security - LDAP - Configuration (HiOS, HiSecOS)
    • Device Security - LDAP - Configuration Table (HiOS, HiSecOS)
    • Device Security - LDAP - Role Mapping Global (HiOS, HiSecOS)
    • Device Security - LDAP - Role Mapping (HiOS, HiSecOS)
    • Network Security - Port Security Global (HiOS)
    • Switching - MRP-IEEE - MMRP Configuration (HiOS)
    • Switching - QoS/Priority - DiffServ - Global (HiOS)
    • Switching - TSN - Configuration (HiOS)
    • Switching - TSN - Gate Control List - Configured (HiOS)
    • Switching - TSN - Gate Control List - Current (HiOS)
    • Routing - L3 Relay - Global (HiSecOS)
    • Routing - L3 Relay - Table (HiSecOS)
    • Redundancy - MSTP (Classic Software, HiOS)
    • Diagnostics - Status Configuration - Trap Global (HiOS)
    • Diagnostics - Status Configuration - Trap Selection (Eagle20)
    • Advanced - DHCP Relay Agent (HiSecOS)
    • Advanced - DNS Client - Static (HiOS)
    • Advanced - DNS Client - Static Table (HiOS)
    • Advanced - DNS Client - Static Hosts (HiOS)
    • Advanced - DNS Cache - Global (HiSecOS)
    • Advanced - DynDNS (Eagle20)
    • Advanced - Industrial Protocols - Modbus TCP (HiOS)
    • Advanced - Industrial Protocols - Ethernet/IP (HiOS)
    • Advanced - Industrial Protocols - Profinet IO (HiOS)
    • Advanced - Digital IO Module - IO Input (Classic Software, HiOS)
    • Advanced - Digital IO Module - IO Output (Classic Software, HiOS)
    • Port Dialog: Port - DHCP Snooping (HiOS)
    • Port Dialog: Port - LLDP Configuration (HiOS)
  • MultiConfig™ dialogs modified:
    • Basic Settings - Load/Save: Save To Device in separate dialog (Classic Software, HiOS, HiSecOS)
    • Redundancy - Rapid Spanning Tree (Classic Software, HiOS)
    • Redundancy - PRP (HiOS)
    • Advanced - Industrial Protocols - IEC61850 (Classic Software)
    • Port Dialog: Port - Rapid Spanning Tree (HiOS)
    • Security Status - SSH V1 column (Classic Software, HiOS)
    • Connections - SFP Power RX dBm A column (HiOS)
    • Connections - SFP Power TX dBm A column (HiOS)
    • Connections - SFP Power RX dBm B column (HiOS)
    • Connections - SFP Power TX dBm B column (HiOS)