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Industrial HiVision v07.1.00 released - News / Software Products - Belden Support Center

Dec 5 2017

Industrial HiVision v07.1.00 released

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Security Vulnerability Corrected


Regarding the vulnerabilities of Java SE 8 Update 144 and earlier:
These vulnerabilities have been corrected in this release. The use of Java SE 8 Update 152 or later is now mandatory for using the browser GUI.


New features in version 07.1.00

  • Events:
    • Event History:
      The "Event History" dialog displays the same events as in the Event List, but in a Gantt chart. The "Event History" dialog contains a Status Period, Application Events, Trap Events and User Events.
    • Filter Events for Object:
      With "Filter Events for Object", you filter the events list based on the GUI object selected. You have the possibility to filter events with these types of objects: devices, connections, ports, and device properties.
  • Hide Columns:
    To show only the information that you consider important in a tab of the detailed display, you can hide columns. When you hide the columns, Industrial HiVision saves the changes in the database with the preferences of the user. If you export or make a printout of the tab, only the visible columns are exported or printed.
  • Security Status Screen:
    • Security status: Inbound - Outbound and Time Synchronization:
      In the "Security Status" dialog, Industrial HiVision provides an overview of the security properties of the devices in the selected folders. Three new items were added to the list of monitored properties: Inbound any, Outbound any and Time Synchronization. To determine the status displayed in the "Inbound ANY Rule" and "Outbound ANY Rule" column, Industrial HiVision searches the rules for an "Any" statement. As for Time Synchronization Industrial HiVision verifies the clock synchronization status of each device in your network.
    • PTP handling changed.
  • Security Lockdown:
    'Clock Synchronization' removed.
  • Add Properties to reporting:
    Industrial HiVision now allows you to simultaneously add multiple device parameters to the reporting tool.
  • PoE:
    • Detail display:
      In the detailed view, the "PoE" tab displays an overview of the PoE parameters for the Power over Ethernet capable devices located in your network.
    • PoE Automate Power Limit:
      The "Automate Power Limit" function reserves power per port based on the maximum power consumption, rather than the device PoE Class.
  • Dashboard:
    • PoE Widget:
      The "PoE Status" widget allows you to monitor the status of the PoE devices in your network. The widget displays the sum of the warnings found in the "PoE" tab for the following parameters: Class 0 Detection, Device power limit, Module power limit and Port power limit.
    • TSN Widget:
      The widget displays the TSN cycle time and gate control list of a port in a table. The table displays a row for each traffic class. The columns right of the traffic class display the status of each gate for it.
  • New devices:
    • MSP40
    • OWL-LTE-M12
    • Dragon PTN
    • HiProvision
  • MultiConfig™:
    Search Function added
  • MultiConfig™ dialogs added:
    • Basic Settings - Modules (Classic Software, HiOS)
    • Basic Settings - Load/Save - Backup Config on Save (HiOS)
    • Basic Settings - Load/Save - Configuration encryption (HiOS, HiSecOS)
    • Basic Settings - PoE - Global (Classic Software, HiOS)
    • Basic Settings - PoE - Module (Classic Software, HiOS)
    • Time - NTP - Global (HiSecOS)
    • Time - NTP - Server (HiSecOS)
    • Device Security - Management Access - IP Access Restriction Table (HiOS, HiSecOS)
    • Network Security - Packet Filter - FLM (HiSecOS)
    • Switching - IGMP Snooping - Configuration VLAN (HiOS)
    • Switching - IGMP Snooping - Querier Table (HiOS)
    • Redundancy - HIPER Ring (HiOS)
    • Port level:
      • Propagate Connection Error: Device Status and Security Status (HiOS, HiSecOS)
      • IGMP Snooping (HiOS)
      • PoE - PoE (Classic Software, HiOS)
      • PoE - Automate Power Limit (Classic Software, HiOS)
    • Magnum DX with firmware 4.0.0:
      • Basic Settings - Network - Global
      • Device Security - Authentication - Policies
      • Device Security - Authentication - Accounts
      • Diagnostics - Events - Specifications
      • Diagnostics - Events - Logs - File Settings
      • Diagnostics - Events - Syslog - Global Settings
      • Diagnostics - Events - Syslog - Collectors
      • Diagnostics - Events - Alarms - Port Settings
      • Diagnostics - Events - Alarms - Actions
  • MultiConfig™ dialogs modified:
    • Device Security - Management Access - IP Access Restriction Table: added 'HTTPS' (Classic Software)
    • Device Security - SNMP V3 - Password/SNMP Access: added 'Synchronize password to v1/v2 community' (Classic Software)
    • Network Security - RADIUS - Global: added 'Source Interface' (HiOS)
    • Routing - Global: added 'Operation' on/off, 'Next Routing Profile' and 'Current Routing Profile' (HiOS)
    • Diagnostics - Security Status: added 'EtherNET/IP active' (HiOS)

Fixes in version 07.1.00

See List of Issues.