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Industrial HiVision v07.1.01 released - News / Software Products - Belden Support Center

Feb 19 2018

Industrial HiVision v07.1.01 released

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Security Vulnerability Corrected


Regarding the vulnerabilities of Java SE 8 Update 144 and earlier:
These vulnerabilities have been corrected in this release. The use of Java SE 8 Update 152 or later is now mandatory for using the browser GUI.


Fixes in version 07.1.01

  • SNMP Timeouts occur with HiOS devices when SHA authentication and AES encryption is used.
  • The Event Actions no longer works after upgrading to version 7.1 if "Component" text field is empty in "Preferences - Basics - Event Actions - Alarms" dialog.
  • Subring redundancy is not drawn after importing a project.
  • Changes in the status for the "System Start" property were not detected correctly.
  • HiProvision:
    • Services and Tunnels: If there were multiple entries, some entries had no instance and their properties could not be requested.
    • Services and Tunnels: The values of the Alarm State were wrong.

Changes in version 07.1.01

  • Greek translation updated.