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OpEdge-8D v01.0.00 released - News / Edge - Belden Support Center

Oct 15 2022

OpEdge-8D v01.0.00 released

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New Features

  • Docker Containers support for 3rd party application management 
    • Configuration to deploy from Local UI and Belden Horizon portal
    • Support to download, manage and run docker containers
    • Container console access from local UI
    • Support for configuration of container networking
      • Bridge network
      • MACVLAN network
      • Host network
  • Support for 3rd party virtual machines
    • Configuration from local UI
    • Upload and configure virtual machines ISO files
  • Storage management of container images and VM images
  • Container live stats update on local UI and Belden Horizon
  • VM live stats update on local UI
  • Porting of Docker engine and Qemu virtual machine engine 
  • Configurable DHCP Server 
  • Configurable DHCP client to get dynamic IP on ethernet ports
  • Configure for WAN, LAN, NTP, Firewall, and NAT via Local UI 
  • Ethernet and Lan port configuration 
    • Configuration on seven ethernet ports
    • Define LAN interfaces and membership assignment to ethernet ports
    • Support to configure ethernet ports in different subnet
  • Support of WAN on LAN feature
    • Any LAN interface can be defined as WAN
  • Support for WAN network switchover
    • Two interfaces can be configured as alternate WAN networks.
    • Switches to alternate in case of failure
  • Configurable NTP Server and Client
    • System time is synced from network automatically
    • Can be configured as server to sync time of the connected nodes 
  • Static Routes 
    • Support to add routing entry manually 
  • Support to get system parameters via SNMP 
  • Capture, display and download System Logs from Local UI and Belden Horizon
  • Configurable Firewall 
    • Configurable Port Number  
    • Port Forwarding 
    • 5 Tuple 
  • Configurable Allowed IP List to control which source IP addresses are allowed to connect to the UI through the WAN interface. 
  • NAT (Network Address Translation)
    • Two types of NAT functionality is supported
      • IP Masquerading (Source NAT)
      • Port Forwarding (Destination NAT)
  • Remapping an IP address into another by modifying network address information. 
  • File Relay 
    • Enables simple and secure transfer of files across segmented networks 
    • Incoming and outgoing file using FTP and SFTP protocol
    • Outgoing File Relay destination can be set to Belden Horizon 
  • Diagnostic feature
    • Ping utility on local UI 
    • Remote packet capture support from Belden Horizon 
  • Account Management 
    • Support to add 8 users (1 Admin and 7 Viewers) with different permission on local UI 
    • Mandatory password change at first login 
  • Easy to use gateway activation on Belden Horizon
  • VPN Tunnelling
    • Easy setup for Secure remote access (SRA) and Persistent data network (PDN) Tunnels 
  • Firmware upgrade support from local UI and Belden Horizon
  • Configuration import and export feature to support customers to easily configure multiple gateways  
  • Reset to default configuration via factory reset feature
  • Configure IP and factory reset from console CLI feature on serial port

Fixes & Changes

  • N/A

Known Issues

  • DHCP Server function on a newly configured LAN interface may, in rare occasions, fail to provide IP address to a device on that LAN.

Workaround: if a user sees this problem, a reboot on OpEdge-8D will resolve it.

  • DHCP server may become unresponsive temporarily when DHCP Discover packet with protocol anomaly is received.

Workaround: DHCP Server function recovers after a few minutes (depending upon DHCP lease time) once protocol anomaly is removed. For faster recovery please reboot the OpEdge-8D device.