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HiLCOS 10.12 Release Update 11 - Neuigkeiten / Wireless - Belden Support Center

Jun 27 2023

HiLCOS 10.12 Release Update 11


SHA-256 Checksum for download: 7824593f2dc0dfd190fc71b698628a5726a65c5ef6ecfc9a09a5f9044dd4b04a

Improvements in HiLCOS 10.12.7153-RU11


  • Firewall for IPv4 enabled by default
  • Default value of TCP max connection has been updated to 200 for all BAT device except WLC
  • SSH Weak Key algorithms (SHA1-based) is disabled by default.


  • Fixed DHCP IP addresses assignment over WLAN interface 
  • Improved BAT867 radio stability.
  • Fixed roaming times when using WPA enterprise security for AccessPoints after reboots. 
  • Fixed issue that Reset-Config button was not active on Web-Interface 
  • Fixed issue in GPS position output for BAT450-LTE devices