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HiLCOS 10.12 Release Update 12 (10.12.7389) - Neuigkeiten / Wireless - Belden Support Center

Apr 16 2024

HiLCOS 10.12 Release Update 12 (10.12.7389)


Improvements in HiLCOS 10.12.7153-RU12

Download: https://hirschmann-support.belden.com/downloads/files/4133-hilcos-1012-release-update-12


  • USA-FCC : For BAT867 devices the radio transmission power in 5Ghz band 1 is increased to the regulatory limits

  • Mexico : For all BAT devices 5GHz band 1 is added.

  • India Time zone(UTC +5:30) Support : With HiLCOS 10.12-RU12, India Time zone(UTC+5:30) is supported in BAT devices


  • 11n radio: In case of a non-symmetric wireless propagation environments a BAT device operating as a WLAN client might stick to an AP as long, as it is receiving with a good signal, even when the AP is no longer successfully receiving packets from the BAT device. With 10.12-RU12 the BAT client will now force roaming to an alternative AP in case this situation is detected.

  • DHCP request is triggered when WLAN client is moving from one SSID to another SSID