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Industrial HiVision v07.0.04 released - Notícias / Software Products - Belden Support Center

FEB 19 2018

Industrial HiVision v07.0.04 released

New features in version 07.0.04

  • MultiConfig™ Dialog enhanced:
    • HSR Dialog (added: MTU, Speed)

Fixes in version 07.0.04

  • Devices with a leased license in subdomains no longer could request SNMP data after restarting the service.
  • SNMP Timeouts occur with HiOS devices when SHA authentication and AES encryption is used.
  • MultiConfig™ - Basics - Software: In http(s)-Software-Update dialog, no file selection on local machine available using remote GUI.
  • Device Configuration function does not work with HiOS v7.0.
  • After importing a project from Industrial HiVision v6 to Industrial HiVision v7, redundant connections are not displayed correctly.
  • Changes of the status for the property "System Start" are not detected by Industrial HiVision.