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Provize Suite 01.5.00 was released! - Notícias / Software Products - Belden Support Center

Oct 31 2023

Provize Suite 01.5.00 was released!

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A new release of Belden Provize Suite is available - version 01.5.00 was released and is now available for download!

Release Notes:

Issues fixed

  • You can find the problems, workarounds and fixes related to this release in the issue list.

Version 01.5.00

New features in Provize® Suite

You can find the following new features in this version.

  • Explorer - Commission ProSoft devices. Provize® Explorer now scans and discovers ProSoft devices.

  • Suite - Automatic update. The automatic update function helps you check for software updates.

  • Explorer - Save configuration. The save configuration function lets you save the changes you made for HiOS and HiEOS devices displayed in the discovered devices list.

  • Explorer - Ping devices. The ping function lets you troubleshoot the accessibility of devices displayed in the discovered devices list.

  • Explorer - Reload single device. The reload single device button lets you reload individual devices displayed in discovered devices list.

  • Suite - Send feedback through an email client. The feedback function lets you send your comments to Belden through email.

  • Explorer - MultiConfig initial password change. The initial password button lets you change the default password for multiple devices during the initial configuration of the devices.

  • Planner - Port planning. The port planning function lets the user assign port numbers at both ends of a link.